Apollo Beach Hotel

Apollo Beach Hotel – это большой современный отель, расположенный в северо-восточной части острова в Фалираки всего в 14 километрах от столицы Родоса и 5 километрах от Афанду, где име ...


     Rhodes Island is situated in southeastern Greece, in the Aegean Sea, near Turkey, grouped for administrative purposes with the Dodecanese Islands. The island has a maximum length, from northeast to southwest, of about 72 km (about 45 ml); its maximum width is about 35 km (about 22 ml). A longitudinal mountain range traverses the central portion of the island. Ataviros, the highest peak, is about 1220 m (about 4000 ft) above sea level.

    In the region between the sea and the central range the terrain is generally hilly, with numerous gently sloping valleys. Rhodes has a healthful cli ...