Cookies Policy

What are Cookies about? 
“Cookie” is a term referring to a tiny data file exclusively containing a sequence of information in text form, which a given website is meant to transfer to the web browser installed on your computer’s hard disc, whether temporarily or for as long as your visit to the site may last or occasionally for longer periods of time – depending on the type of the cookie. Cookies have been designed to perform a variety of operations (for instance, cookies are used to differentiate you from any other visitor of the same website; they have moreover been designed to “remember” certain things about you, including but not limited to your preferences). Most websites are understood to use cookies as part of their owners’ efforts to improve your user experience.

Each cookie is meant to be unique to your web browser, featuring certain anonymous data. A cookie usually contains the name of the field from where it has been generated, its “lifespan” as well as a designated figure (usually, in the form of a randomly generated unique number sequence).

Cookie Types
Set forth below is a list of the most usual types of cookies web sites are likely to use:

Session (Visit) Cookies
These are temporary cookies meant to remain in your device web browser’s cookie folder solely for as long as your visit may last and which are automatically eliminated once you switch off your browser.

Persistent (Permanent) Cookies
Cookies of this type are meant to remain in the web browser’s cookie folder of your device even after you have switched off your browser. Such persistence may at times extend over a year or more (the exact term of stay of a cookie being conditioned by the particular cookie’s predetermined lifespan). Persistent cookies are used in the case of a particular website administrator eventually needing to know who you are for more than one visits (this could, for instance, imply remembering your user name or your parameter preferences for a particular website).

First-Party Cookies
Such are cookies allowed by a website you may be visiting to install themselves in your web browser and/or on the hard disk of your device. This process includes your being attributed a single identifier enabling the system to monitor your browsing through the specific website. Website administrators frequently resort to First-Party Cookies to monitor visits for identification purposes.

Third-Party Cookies
These are cookies applied by third parties – e.g. social networks – to monitor one’s visit of the various websites under which such third parties may be advertised. The website’s administrator has no control over such Third-Party cookies.

Cookies on our Website and how to manage them
You will be interested in knowing that no session, persistent or third-party cookies are used on this website.
Set forth below is some information relevant to first-party cookies (Google Analytics) used on this website, including the way for you to eventually deactivate them as well as how this website’s functionalities may be affected by an eventual deactivation of the such cookies. For further information on how to manage specific types of cookies – including ways to control or remove them – please visit the following address:

Cookies by Google Analytics
Cookies generated under the Google Analytics service are meant to monitor and analyse performance; as such, they allow us to collect anonymous data about the use visitors make of our website. Cookies of this particular type provide us with information as to how many visitors are using our website, the time and duration of access thereto as well as providing us with insight as to the users’ browsing habits with respect to our website’s various domains. Such information is bound to help us to eventually improve the ways our website is operating. Being of the anonymous type, such data do not contain any personal information.

Data collected through Google Analytics cookies, relevant to our website are transmitted to and stored in Google’s servers, conformant to Google’s confidentiality policy.

For further information on Google Analytics service, please click on this link:
You may deactivate the Google Analytics monitoring module by clicking on this link:
Should you chose to deactivate cookies of this particular type, your use of this website will no longer be monitored nor shall it be taken into account by our services as part of our statistical data collection process, aimed to help us improve the quality of services provided through our website. The website’s functionality will not be affected.